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Within the UK, the Aerospace / Aviation sector is one of the real success stories of the British economy. The UK Aerospace sector remains one of the largest Aerospace industries outside of the United States. With this in mind a vast array of talented Aerospace individuals live and work in the United Kingdom. Keeping this skills base and this competitive edge is of major importance to the UK economy. Thankfully for those of us who enjoy a trip abroad every now and again, quality and safety are the key drivers within the Aerospace sector and CG Consultants understand the standards required by our contractors and our permanent candidates. At CG Consultants we connect with and supply candidates at all levels, from Graduate Aerospace Engineers looking for their first opportunity on a career path that will more often than not take them up up and away (literally), to Senior Engineers, Managers and Directors.

Typical roles we frequently have available include:

Composite Engineer
Stress Engineer
Weights Engineer
Mass Properties Engineer
Avionics Engineer

And many more, please check back regularly.