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Defence and Military

Let’s face it, we will always have a need for Defence and Military capability, both at home and overseas. It is historically one of the more stable workplaces and has offered a career path with a real James Bond feel to it! Gadgets, secrets and working on a need to know basis provide personal satisfaction to many in the sector. Working with a wide variety of clients in the Defence and Military arena, on land, at sea and in the air, CG Consultants are experienced in the supply of security cleared and clearable personnel; indeed we have assisted with clearance procedures for candidates too. Our client base is diverse both in terms of their market presence and geographic location. We work with prime suppliers, aerospace manufacturers, software houses, systems providers, secure communications and defence specialist suppliers and Service organisations in a broad array of technical disciplines. Offering a discreet and specialised service tailored to a client’s specific needs we are valued partners for many within the sector.