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Pharmaceutical, Scientific & Semiconductor

The scientific industry covers a broad spectrum of jobs. Many of these jobs involve using state of the art technology within various areas including biochemistry, microbiology, molecular sciences and life sciences. People within this industry are often part of research projects, with many candidates possessing a PhD in unique and exciting areas of science. A career in science is never dull; you will be using state of the art technology to help improve the scientific field, there is the possibility to work on developing new products (e.g. equipment used to detect various substances/pathogens such as Blue Tongue and Avian Flu or help develop new drugs) and you can even take part in research studies to help create ground breaking work! Besides biology and chemistry, the scientific industry also crosses over into the medical sectors, where your career could have a direct life changing impact on individuals.

The semiconductor industry involves the production of material that has an electrical conductor property. It is the foundation for modern electronic gadgets such as radios, computers and mobile telephones. Normally made from silicon and other crystalline solids, the material is predictable and reliable, which makes it perfect for mass production.

One of the semiconductor areas we have recruited significantly for involves Metal Organic Vapour Deposition (MOCVD). This is a process that produces the main substance for the creation of motherboards and microchips.

CG Consultants can supply a variety of candidates within both of these industries, including: R&D, design, project management, validation, scientific, manufacturing and engineering.