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Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Transmission and Distribution is a very exciting and progressively buoyant sector. With the ever increasing demand for more power and the infrastructure to provide it as industry and population grow, the industry has to be taken very seriously as most of the equipment can, will and has injured. There is a constant and growing demand for qualified and authorised personnel. CG Consultants has close working relationships with numerous end clients, prime engineering suppliers, alliance and joint venture partners in all areas of nuclear, traditional and emerging power arenas. We recruit for a wide range of roles, ranging from engineering personnel to Directors running companies, business units and alliance /joint venture projects. With renewed needs and initiatives in the power sector and the seemingly ever increasing need for more power, the market has never been so competitive. CG Consultants provide a service tailored to each individual client’s needs regardless of their specific area of expertise; from nuclear to high voltage transmission infrastructure for industry, domestic and transport systems, to the rapidly expanding renewable energy market.

Typical roles we frequently have available include:

Authorised Engineer
HV Engineer
MV Engineer
LV Engineer
Overhead Line Engineer