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Telecommunications and Datacommunications

Telecommunication and datacommunication is the transmission of signals and/or data over a distance, either via cables or wirelessly for the purpose of communication. The UK is one of the leading locations in Europe for telecommunications. Its liberal telecoms regime and access to leading-edge technology has attracted the majority of telecommunications operators, service providers and manufacturers. The entire global market revenue is worth in excess of $3.5 trillion per annum. Gone is the day we had to send smoke signals to communicate! CG Consultants have a strong heritage of supplying people into the telecoms and datacoms industry, from secure defence networks through to high profile mobile handset manufacturers. As an example, we can provide engineers working on base stations, transmission networks, RF and sonar comms, IT infrastructures, mobile phones and even satellites!

Typical roles we frequently have available include:

Base Station Engineer
Baseband Engineer
BSC Engineer
BSS Engineer
BTS Engineer
GSM Engineer
Line of Sight Engineer
Network Support Engineer
Network Support Manager
Network Controller
Network Engineer
RF Engineer
Switch Engineer
Telecommunications Engineer
Telecoms Engineer
Transmission Engineer