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Our Consultants
We promise to deliver the highest standards of service and give you our full support whilst in the process of obtaining a position for you and throughout your contract role, or until you are settled in your permanent post. Our consultants are highly trained and will work to the highest standards to provide you with as many opportunities as possible when you need a specialist consultancy the most.

CG Consultants will enter your personal details and Curriculum Vitae onto our powerful database; this information will then be utilised for a variety of tracking operations, including correspondence, conversations, job applications, job descriptions and interviews. Your information can be accessed instantly by any one of our consultants.

How do I find work?
CG Consultants have a database of existing clients, therefore when registering your details with us all consideration will be given to your suitability against current vacancies. We can also specifically market your skills to our client base (with your permission). On most occasions an indication can be given of the hourly rate or salary obtainable for you.

It will be your decision as to which work you take and where.

How can CG Consultants help?
We offer an unrivalled service to both our candidates and clients.

Once a suitable vacancy has been identified, we will provide you with a job specification, offer advice on how to effectively word your CV in order to draw attention to pertinent and required skills, then submit your CV against the requirement.

Should an interview request be made we will send you ALL information available to us, a further copy of the specification, an exact copy of the CV as sent, a map and we can even help you plan your journey!

We will discuss the format of the interview the client wishes to conduct, offer tips and advise of typical ways to impress and things to avoid in interviews. It is in our interests to ensure we prepare you to the best of our abilities and as such we at CG are confident you will receive a service unrivalled within the recruitment industry.

Permanent Employment


Permanent employment offers a level of stability and security second to none. In most companies you also attract a range of benefits such as paid annual leave, pension, healthcare, life insurance, permanent health insurance, training, appraisals and in some instances stock, shares, childcare vouchers, car or car allowances etc. Those in permanent employment would typically find it easier to obtain mortgages and financial credit.

Permanent recruitment tends to be a much lengthier and more thorough process compared with interviewing for a contract position. Quite often there are 2 or 3 interviews before a decision is made. Not only are skills for the vacancy important, but also a candidates’ personality, culture fit and future aspirations play a big part in the decision to hire. We will guide you through each step of the interview process and make sure you are correctly prepared and briefed at all times.

Benefits of permanent employment:

  • Career enhancement; companies tend to promote existing staff from within, retaining skills and experience and creating career enhancing potential
  • Employment stability; you may potentially not earn as much as a contractor but your position is likely to be more stable
  • Employee benefits; such as paid leave, pension, healthcare, bonus etc
  • Training; contractors are hired for specific purposes/skills and don’t tend to cross train in their roles, permanent staff are usually more likely to be trained to learn new skills.


Many contractors will work for a recruitment agency. Whilst some of these contract vacancies are advertised in the national press and trade media, many will be unadvertised and are only available to you by registering with an agency.
In most cases, when you agree on an assignment the agency will sign a contract with the client and you will sign a contract with the agency. There is normally provision within the contract for a notice period and the average contract length is between three months and one year. Contracts longer than twelve months are likely to have a review date built in to account for inflationary increases.

How does it work? 

You can either have your own Limited Company, of which you will be a director and shareholder, or be employed by an “Umbrella” Limited Company (run usually by an agency or accountant) where you are an employee and/or shareholder.
Either way, you perform the work required under the contract and the agency will pay you for the hours you undertake on receipt of a timesheet signed by the client.
Don’t worry! We can offer guidance on creating a Limited Company or joining an Umbrella Company.

Risks and rewards of contracting. 

Working as a contractor is not suitable for those who require total security and lack confidence in their own ability. High earnings can occasionally be offset through ‘dry periods’ where work can sometimes be difficult to find.

Benefits of contracting:

  • Freedom and variety
  • Choice of work
  • Reduced office politics
  • Easy to move- no benefit/pension “handcuffs”
  • Financial advantages and tax savings
  • Increased earnings (quite often much more than the equivalent amount you would receive in a similar permanent role)
  • Paid overtime
  • Easy to work overseas
  • Gain excellent experience
  • Without doubt many people benefit from working in an environment they have more control over, and with outsourcing and downsizing, many contractors feel they actually have more security than those in permanent positions.

Downsides to contracting:

  • Lack of paid holiday (dependant on employment status)
  • You have to provide for your own pension and ensure against sickness
  • You have to pay for your own training and purchase your own vehicle
  • Insecurity
  • Occasional resentment from permanent staff
  • Increased paperwork.

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