Candidate Testimonials

Hi Julie, hope you had a pleasant weekend, I don’t know whether you are aware but this will be my last invoice to you for this current contract as I am moving to pastures new as of today. I just want to take this opportunity to say what a star you have been. Since January 2012 you have not only handled my invoice payments with the upmost professionalism, gone out of your way to make sure this happens every week without fail, sent me an e-mail to confirm, but done it all with such politeness and charm. A rare thing indeed today and for that I thank you very much, and all the very best to you in the future Julie, D Chapman.

I was informed last week that my services on site will no longer be required . My last working day is this Friday .
It does make a change to have an agency who pays on time with the correct amounts , which I have really appreciated .
Many thanks for all your help & assistance over the last 2 years . All the best for the future, P Gilmore.

Dear Russell, I would just like to write this note of recommendation with regard to your company. I have found all of your staff very pleasant and more than happy to help with any queries I have had. Payments have always been made on time. Thanks again to all and I wish you the very best for the future, C Hopewell.

Nina, thank you anyway for at least having the decency to inform me, unlike so many other agencies. Again, thanks, M Humphreys.

Hi Margaret, please see attached my final timesheet and invoice. Thanks for all of your help over the years. I hope my next agency is as friendly and helpful as you are. Please let Natalie see this too. Kindest regards, David.

Thank you for your kind response, most of the people I have contacted have not even bothered to reply. Keep in touch. Thank you. Paul C.

Hi Nina, well, at least you had the courtesy to send me a reply. This is a very rare occurrence these days, and I thank you for it. Kind regards, Kev.

Dear Nina, thank you for your email, although I was not successful it is really pleasing that yourself and your company have the excellent manners to reply to my application, thank you. Please keep me in mind for any other work. Very best regards, R. Duke.

“Best agency I have ever worked with” Good value, on time, high Integrity. G. Higgs.

Dear Russell, I thought that I would let you know that over the last 25 years I have had dealings with many agents, being on contract for all of this time you can imagine how many. Well, last night when I got off the phone to you my wife made a valid observation. She said that you were refreshingly unusual in that you always seem to be working, nothing seems to be too much trouble and you come over as very interested in your work. The fact that you spent time discussing the negative outcome of an interview with me was quite unique. I don’t think that I can remember anything like this before. I thought that I would let you know this and say thank you. If I am offered a contract without an agent in the future, I will get in touch with you and offer you the work. Also, I will let you know of any opportunities that you may wish to be involved in. In the meantime, good luck and thanks. N. Wood.

Hi, I can’t thank you enough for enabling me to secure a new role. Your consultant went out of his way to ensure that the process went smoothly, that my application was seen in the best possible light, and to ensure that I was fully prepared at each stage of the application process. M. Edwards.

CG has been excellent in helping me obtain this position. From the time I applied for the position with the agency the whole process took three days. You have kept me informed all the time and were most helpful. My thanks go to you for all your efforts. D. Ovens.

Bless you. I hope they pay you well for your excellent service .P. Gilmore.

Thanks, it’s refreshing to work with an agency who understands the value getting paid on time makes! As we both know there are bills to be paid, plus I have a trip to Rome to be paying for soon! Thanks again. A. Kaiser.

You must be a good agency actually responding to people unlike most. Cheers. P. Steer.

Hi Russell, most recruitment agencies really just work to get the numbers and this makes it impersonal but this time it felt like the first time someone had sat down and actually read my CV through. It really made it feel like the person understood what level of skills I had and was able to match that with a possible opportunity in the field of work that I am both interested in and where my experience comes from. CG Consultants were very quick and efficient in communicating with me after a technical hitch. I was, and am, very impressed with the service I have since received, and would have no problem in the future in applying through them again. D. Wright.

My contact at CG has been great. They have let me know as much information as is professional for me to know, and kept me in the picture (at least from my perspective) with somewhat protracted timescales from your client. They also gave me useful coaching before the interview and a pen picture of my interviewer, building the relationship with my interviewer is what I want to do to sell myself to her. I really hope I get the job you found for me so that you earn your fee! As well as for personal reasons . :-) If this role doesn’t come off, then I’d like to work with you on other opportunities. IPR.

Hello, Thank you for replying to my recent job application, even though I was unsuccessful. It’s very refreshing to know that some agencies still take the time to reply. Its nice to know common courtesy still exists. Thanks again. A. Small.

When I first started here I was a bit apprehensive of working for CG Consultants as I had never heard of them and I have had bad experiences with payroll at other agencies. But you have been great, I would definitely recommend the agency to anybody! Alex.

Thank you for the response, even though it was to decline my application. Having made 27 applications over the last two months yours is only the third reply. Thank you again.