The Killer Interview Question That Will Get You The Job

There are many pieces of advice out there for people imminently about to attend a job interview. Some advice is more obvious – dressing smartly, researching the company or perhaps rehearsing answers to questions that are likely to be asked (and yes, I’m afraid this does include the generic questions “where do you see yourself in 5 years time?” and “what is your biggest weakness?”)


A good interviewee will essentially give good responses and appear obviously prepared when questioned. A lot of experts in this field will also say that you are equally judged on the questions you ask as well as your responses to the questions you are asked. But is there a question to be asked that, perhaps, might take precedence over others? Is there anything any interviewee for any position can ask to make them stand out?


My answer is yes – and it is asking at the end of the interview “do you have any reservations about employing me for the position?”


This question can help any interviewee immensely; asking it shows confidence – it also shows that you aren’t afraid to be criticized and that you really want the job. But most importantly, it gives you an opportunity right there and then to settle any doubts that your interviewer might have about you. This means if you get “well I’m not sure you have enough C++ experience” or “some of our other applicants are degree qualified”, it gives you an opportunity to remind them about all that C++ programming you do in your spare time, or perhaps how despite not having a degree you still managed to out-perform colleagues in previous companies who did.


If a prospective employer has doubts about employing you then it follows that your chances of securing that job are reduced. By asking this question, not only are you directly dealing with any reservations they could have about you, but you also make yourself look confident, enthusiastic, engaging and open. It would be hard to argue that these are not attractive traits for a prospective employee to have at any level or in any industry!