It has been a good year for mainframes, according to IDC’s latest server shipment report.

Beatriz Valle, senior research analyst in the Enterprise Server group for IDC EMEA. said, “The strength of mainframe recovery in 4Q 2010 was greater than expected, with an increase of 62.6% year on year.

“These results were driven by pent-up demand for CISC hardware from organisations in government and financial services, after delaying their investments during the worst of the recession.

“Sales concentrated in Western Europe, where all the main geographies recorded significant increases in sales of the technology, with the sole exception of the UK.”

Demand passed the $600m mark in EMEA, an increase of 62.6% year-on-year. RISC revenue was down year-on-year by 19.3%, and EPIC was down 15.8%, according to IDC.