Do you feel your missing out on potential opportunities because your work mates keep getting calls about interesting job opportunities? If so, maybe you’ve wondered how you could be in the same position. Thanks to the age of social media, LinkedIn is an excellent starting point towards attracting more attention from recruiters and getting access to the best roles.

But how do you go about “getting headhunted” through LinkedIn?

Here are 5 easy steps:

1) Have a detailed profile
Your LinkedIn profile is effectively a professional advertisement for your skills and your achievements – how does anyone know about you and your experience if you haven’t written it on there? Be precise, be detailed; list all of your jobs and the key responsibilities / skills and dates that apply to each one

2) Make yourself contactable
Restricting the ability for people to contact you through LinkedIn is a sure-fire way of reducing the doors that could be opened through this networking tool. Make sure people are able to message you and adjust this through your settings if you need to. Including your email address on your profile will also make a massive difference in how easy it is for people to reach out to you!

3) Network!
LinkedIn is designed on the principle of networks; the more people you are connected to, the more searches you are likely to show up in as a result. Be active on LinkedIn and connect with past colleagues, managers and recruiters who could help you. The larger your network, the easier it is to be spotted at the right time.

4) Leverage recommendations
Recommendations can be an excellent way to give your profile that edge; people are more likely to buy into your experience and successes if other people are willing to publicly corroborate it. The standard unwritten code for recommendations is that if you write one you shall usually get one in return. Write a few for ex-colleagues or clients, you will probably be very surprised with how many you get in response. If appropriate, you can also send a request to specific people to write a recommendation.

5) Show off your successes
You know you’re good, so let everyone else know as well! Perhaps you saved your company X amount of cash, or you were fast-tracked for that promotion given how well you did on that huge client project. Whatever your successes, make sure other people know about them too.